Tall Girl Problems

If you are one of the taller girls, then you will probably be able to relate to thing blog!

Anonymous asked: One direction , the band im watching!



Anonymous asked: Im 14 and 5ft10 , this week i go watch my all time favourite boy band , im wearing the most stupid heels and will stick out like the empire state building but im not bothered , shall see over every mothertrucker in the building and have a ball - tall girl advantage , tehe!

Good on you ! hehe! You should flaunt your height! what band ?! :) 

savannahmariah asked: I love this, im 5'9 & 14, so i can relate. Post more.

Hehe thanks ! xx

alexjay asked: im 6'4. this blog is perfectttttt

Thanks ! xx :)

delusio-ns asked: Oh my god, I read through these and I' like oh my god yes-_- I'm 6'1/2" and in 9th grade.

Aweh ! haha yees, that reflects my life ! 


Anonymous asked: So far, all of this applys to me -___- Keep posting! Love it :)

Thankyou hun! xxx